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“I had painful breast lumps for years while wearing wired bras. I took some Chinese medicine to get rid of them, but then they recurred several times. So I asked my Chinese doctors how to prevent them. They all told me the same thing: avoid wired bras. I spent a lot of time looking for wire-free bras, but they weren’t as stylish as wired ones until I found these. The perforated bra cups made with non-toxic material is a BIG PLUS for me because I am very health conscious. They also don’t make my breasts sweat as much as traditional bra does because of the breathability. So I bought 4 so far.

When they say you can wear it for more than 8 hours, they are not kidding. When I had school and a full-time job everyday, I wore the bra for more than 14 hours a day, and I was barely aware that it was even there! They are also not kidding when they say they are much more durable. I machine wash them every week, and they still look like new to me. Also, for me personally, my breast lumps have not come back again for 2 years so far. Thank you!” -HL


“I’m pregnant with my baby, so my breasts often feel very sore. After switching to these bras, the pain symptoms are alleviated. I don’t even remove it while sleeping. I also bought 2 more for my mom. She loves them so much! If you want your breasts to look better, I feel the adjustable ones can have a similar effect as some underwire bras. But they’re so much more comfortable! All of my underwire bras are set aside, and I don’t think I’ll wear them again.” -JF


“Tried their bra for the first time and I will never wear other constraining bras ever again! I bought a nude/beige one and a black one. Both are very high-quality!” -Lisa


“I wish I could have found these bras a long time ago. They give my breasts a fuller shape that looks pretty natural. The bra cups also make the breasts feel more natural than foam does. Excellent product! I’ll wear these bras all the time and planning to get some more.” -Emily


“Bought 5 of them so far! They’re all comfortable and fashionable. I’ll definitely come back again!” -AY


“I started wearing when I was on my period because I had breast pain. Then I never stopped wearing for everyday comfort.” -SY


“Very satisfied. High quality. It makes me feel healthy while wearing it, which is my key criteria for selecting bras. Thank you!” -LG


“It’s worth the price! It’s so comfortable and the straps never fall! I’ll come to you to buy bras from now on. Five stars!” -Aida


“Feels soft and silky, not restraining. Very comfortable and it feels like not wearing a bra.” -Tina


“Great quality. Comfortable and not tight at all. Highly recommended.” -Olivia

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